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My First Vegan Christmas!

My First Vegan Christmas!

The lead up to Christmas was fairly stress free for me

I don’t know about you but I looove this time of year. The Christmas carols, food and happy vibes are just some of my favourite things about December. Obviously living in Australia, our Christmas is in the middle of summer and more often than not is close to 40 degrees celsius (thankfully this year it was low thirties). Because of this a lot of people spend Christmas by the beach or poolside and have a BBQ but my family has quite a traditional Christmas. We drink egg nog as we decorate the tree, we (ie. my Mum) make rum balls and have a sit down feast on the 25th. When it came time to put up the tree I quickly got to searching for a vegan egg nog recipe and found this one which I absolutely love and have had every day for about 2 weeks hahah.

It honestly tastes like Christmas in your mouth and I can’t get enough! My family are big fans of the Paul’s Egg Nog which I never liked, to me it just tastes like sugary milk, whereas this has warming Christmas spices like cinnamon and nutmeg which just perfect it, plus its healthy! And easy. I put all the thin in my Bosch Styline. So give it a go and let me know if you like it too 🙂

The lead up to Christmas was fairly stress free for me. I had done all of my present shopping about a week beforehand for a change so I could just sit back and relax while listening to  2004 (this is THE best Christmas CD by the way). Going slightly off track but i think we need more Aussie carols, it’s a tad ironic singing along to Winter Wonderland when the closest thing there is to snow is my husky’s fur that she’s moulted on the floor. Anyway, my stress-free Christmas came to an abrupt close on Christmas Eve when i got home from work at 9pm and needed to cook my Christmas lunch so that it could be taken down to the country in the morning.

I made this Festive Squash Jalousie and Potato Bake for lunch and rum balls for dessert. I finished up around 1:30 am but it was totally worth it because everything turned out perfectly! The jalousie particularly was delicious and i will definitely be remaking all three dishes.